If it is your first time attending any kind of salsa class, let me just give you a few recommendations about what to bring and what to wear.

1. Bring the right shoes

  • You don’t need specialized salsa shoes. Basically any kind of shoe that has a flat sole is acceptable. Oftentimes I teach the class wearing a pair of converse all stars.
  • Do not bring shoes that leave black streaks into the studio, it destroys the floor. Leave at home any kind of shoe with too much grip like basketball or running shoes.
  • Ladies, you can wear heels but stay away from high heels. People do dance in high heels but I certainly wouldn’t recommend it for a beginner.
  • Don’t wear shoes that are slip ons because you might slip out of them. Keep in mind that you will be required to do spins in class so check your shoes. Make sure your wearing a pair that fit securely on your feet and have a fairly smooth bottom.

2. What to wear

Something you feel comfortable dancing in. I like to wear jeans even when I dance. Salsa is a very active dance so don’t show up in a suit because you will break a sweat in heels dance toronto.

3. Guys if you have a partner don’t leave her at home bring her along as well. She will love dancing with you!

4. Lastly, BE ON TIME:

When you arrive late to a class you not only cheat yourself, you also disrupt the class for the rest of the students. It’s preferable to arrive a few minutes early so you can change your shoes (if necessary) and mingle with your fellow students. If everyone arrives a few minutes early the class can start right on time.